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Being In It for the Species maps the difficult years ahead but in a way that moves you from a survival paradigm of fear to a more endurable paradigm of love through personal empowerment. The Complete Danjeon Breathing System , you'll learn an ancient self-healing art designed to keep healthy survivors healthy.

Navigation & Rescue: IBE - A Pocket Guide to Cold Water Survival, Edition - English

The Kolbrin Bible offers insights and knowledge about the past, because understanding how our ancestors survived past cataclysms offers us a vital survival advantage for the years to come. This value package also features a wide range of video and audio media to help you get our home studies off to a quick and confident start.

Required reading for those who get it and want to live through it. Truth that's hard to handle.

2012 the Survival Guide

It is a sad fact that people continue to die at sea through a lack of this knowledge. Knowing what is likely to happen if you are exposed to cold water is a survival aid in itself.

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A thorough understanding of the information contained in this booklet may some day save your life - or someone else's. Use the buttons below or e-mail us at bookshop imrf.

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Come prepared! Be kind to yourself and others.

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