Manual A Guide to Planning for Community Character

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Policy position on heritage & character

Community character refers to the distinct identity of a place. It is the collective impression a neighborhood or town makes on residents and visitors. | A Guide to Planning for Community Character (ebook), Lane H. Kendig | |

People often choose the places they live and spend their leisure time based — in part — on their perceptions of community character. Nevertheless, many people find it difficult to explain which characteristics are essential to their sense of place. This edition of PAS QuickNotes highlights the importance of identifying the key measurable qualities that contribute to perceptions of community character, and it suggests a small set of these measures grouped under three categories: urban form, natural features, and demographics. Morley also co-edits Zoning Practice, a monthly publication to inform planners about smarter land-use practice, and PAS QuickNotes, a series of briefing papers that explain planning basics for public officials and engaged citizens.

Community Character Principles For Design And Planning: Results

American Planning Association N. According to Kendig, most comprehensive plans and zoning regulations are based entirely on density and land use, neither of which effectively or consistently measures character or quality of development.

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As Kendig shows, there is a wide range of measures that define character and these vary with the type of character a community desires to create. A companion book, A Practical Guide to Planning with Community Character, provides a detailed explanation of applying community character in a comprehensive plan, with chapters on designing urban, sub-urban, and rural character types, using character in comprehensive plans, and strategies for addressing characteristic challenges of planning and zoning in the 21st century.

This work will be an enduring classic in the field of planning theory and practice.

Drawing on his extensive experience, he makes a strong case for replacing density and land use with community character as the primary basis for planning and development regulation. Yet, what could be more challenging? Lane Kendig's engaging book Community Character is much more than a starting point. It offers citizens and planners an accessible framework for creating place-specific strategies.

Why Was It Developed?

Such duty and care is extremely valuable in that it can really strengthen the reader's ability to critically analyse and compare their physical environments. The same level of detail is present throughout the book while discussing scales of communities, strategies for planning and so on The Department has developed tools to help recognise, enhance and celebrate local character. Local Character and Place Guideline.

The Department has prepared an interim Guideline to provide guidance with integrating local character into the planning system. Read More.

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  • Discussion Paper Local Character Overlay. The Department has prepared a Discussion Paper to seek feedback on potentially introducing an optional local character overlay with the standard instrument local environmental plan. Local character and place collection.

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    • The Collection is a combination of thought pieces from local character practitioners, learnings and case studies about local character and place.