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Nov 8, AM. My daughter gave this ring to me for Christmas 2 years ago. It is very comfortable, and I get compliments on it frequently. People have often commented on its unique design, I explain that it is "A Mothers Love" ring, and they instantly make the connection. The design is smooth and conforming, I only take it off to clean it, as it is a part of me now.

Jul 30, AM. My kids gave me this ring along with the earrings for Mother's Day. It is very special to me! It is such a comfortable ring that I forget I'm even wearing it! My hubby bought this ring for me after we had our first child. It means so much to me. I never thought i would have such a strong bond and love for any body or anything for that matter, that is what this ring means to me.

Every time I look down at it i think of my little boy and how much i love him! This is a great peice n i recomend it to any mother or any one who likes heart jewelry. It feels very substantial and heavy, yet is super comfortable to wear.

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Plus, I normally think heart jewelry is really cheesy, but I loved the idea behind this one and thought the heart was really artistically done. This is the only piece of jewelry I own that has a heart on it, and it's def one of my favorite pieces! Jan 14, AM. I love this ring however, the only draw back for me was that the bottom of the heart would snag on everything and nearly yank my finger off.

But the value,style, quality is great.

Mother's Day Song: A Mother's Love- Gena Hill (Lyric Video)

Just not the right fit for me, I think I will get the pendant or earrings next. I gave the ring to my own mother who wears it everyday with no problems. Jan 10, AM. This ring was purchased for my middle finger. It is so comfortable. It doesn't catch on anything, low profile on the finger, and is true to size. I get so many compliments on this ring!

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It is truely a great investment! I've been extremely happy with it! I love jewelry and I discovered James Avery several years ago and I love all of it. My oldest son bought me this ring for my yearly present from him a couple of years ago. I wear it every day. Jewelry is the my favorite gift and it means more when it carries a meaning. For my son to give me a ring that is called "Mothers Love" meant all the world to me. Nov 10, AM. May 21, AM. I love my Mother's Love Ring. I wear it everyday. It is just perfect. I received it as a Christmas gift from my kids one year, it is one of my favorite gifts ever.

I wear it with my James Avery bracelets.

What It Really Means To Love Like A Mother

I got this ring for mothers day from my 16 year old. She worked to get this ring I love it and wear it with pride. I hope every woman buys this and wears it with love like me. May 11, AM. I love this ring I am not a mother, yet I received this ring today it is beautiful- way better then the picture even - and the picture is very nice but the ring oh my Feb 19, AM. I wear this ring daily and I receive compliments on it constantly. The ring is a little larger than what I normally wear but you can't even feel it once its on.

This is yet another great piece in my ever expanding Avery collection. Jan 31, AM. I wear this ring every day and I absolutely adore it. Classic Avery. Jan 13, AM. My fiance gave me this ring several years ago for my birthday. It is a classic heart style that goes with the majority of my other silver jewelry. Dec 29, AM.

I bought this ring as a xmas gift to myself and I have to say it's absolutely lovely.

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I purchased in the yellow gold and I fell in love with the ring the first time I saw it. This ring symbolizes that for me and I will cherish my daughters and this ring forever. Thank you again for the wonderful and fast service. I recieved this ring from my son a couple of years ago for my birthday. I love it. It reminds me daily of the special bond I have with him. Dec 12, AM.

I purchased the mother's love ring for my daughter for her senior class ring. The meaning was so appropriate and fitting. We had it engraved with her name and her senior class. I guarantee she will will wear this more than any "traditional" class ring she would have picked. Nov 22, AM. My children gave me this ring as a Christmas gift, a very special one. Your children do grow up and become less dependent on you, but, there will always be that special bond between mother and child.

This ring is a very meaningful reminder of that bond. Sep 13, AM. After my mother's recent death I received this ring as a gift. It is inscribed with a cross and my mother's initials. I received this ring from my baby girl. She and I are very close and what this rings sybolizes is priceless. I love this ring and would not trade it for any thing.


I love the design and the fit. Jun 5, AM. I have seen so many women proudly wearing this ring and many Mother's Days passed and I always bought my mother an Avery piece including this Mother's Love Charm , but I had forgotten about the ring for MY mom. And even though I bought the wrong size she wanted to wear it on a different finger than I thought she would , I was able to exchange it with no problems at my local store.

May 30, AM. I absolutely LOVE this ring! It is beautiful and very classy!! However, mine got lost a few days before Mother's Day :. May 9, AM. I got this ring for my 16 year old twins and it was a very special gift that I hope they will have for years to come.