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I feel that Gilman's story can be taken in its most literal sense as the battle between male and female, but to dig deeper, why couldn't we say that the story shows a general struggle over the control of our own lives? The general population is brought up by some authority that tells us what is right and wrong, and as we grow older we slowly become more independent.

As we move away from whomever or whatever has raised us, we begin to savor our sovereignty, but also realize that now we still have to answer to someone.

A Summary and Analysis of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’

This someone can be a boss, landlord, the government, God, etc. We are never entirely free, that is until we are dead or at least dead to this world. Although, I feel we can never really be free, there are some things that can act as a temporary escape.

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The wallpaper is symbolic of the state of mind of the narrator. The room where the narrator has to spend her time is symbolic of the conditions that eventually make her lose her mind, and the most dominant feature in the room is the yellow wallpaper with its "torturing" [1] pattern. The woman is eventually forced into a prison within her own mind.

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The wallpaper represents this prison. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

The Yellow Wallpaper: Analyzing the Narrator - Words | Bartleby

She kind of contradicts herself establishing two types of persona. Is important to consider the wallpaper as a main symbol of the story. This is not only how Jane escapes from her depression, but also, how her depression turns in to a serious anxiety case. At first she is all about loving the house and the garden, but when it comes to the room she hates it, specially the wallpaper.

Later on she discovers the shape of a woman on the wallpaper. The appearance of this fictitious woman is a desperate way of the narrator to drain all the dominating actions that everyone specially the husband is taking towards her. Is evident the meaning of the wallpaper is strongly related to the lack of socialization; she is looking for someone to listen to her, someone to talk to and spend time with. Her symptoms match perfectly with a post-partum psychosis.

Typical symptoms are mood changes and hallucinations. At this stage of the story she uses the word pretend as if he was pretending to love her. So Jane decides to free the poor wallpaper woman by tearing it off the wall.

Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by C. Perkins Gilman

She is at a point where there is no difference between the fictitious woman and her, they have become one. Jane now refers herself as the woman on the wall and feels free and pleased.

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When it comes to the end, it is very confusing. But if we compare the narrator with the writer is easy to find not some, but a lot of similarities.

by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis