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Rom ; Col , His Word convinces powerfully, converts powerfully, transforms powerfully, preserves powerfully, and comforts powerfully. The Word of God reveals to the sinner all that is in his heart. Through the cross of Christ we become the very righteousness of God cf. Besides our daily dependence upon God for present supplies, there are seasons of adversity and temptation when we must come boldly before His throne with reverence and godly fear to receive His mercy and grace; God kindly invites us to the mercy-seat where love and grace reign.

After we labor diligently in His Word, God blesses us with a sweet and satisfying rest. Heb ; Prv , even the hidden thoughts and intentions of the heart which the individual himself is completely unaware cf. Dearly beloved, we have the privilege of entering into the holy presence of God by the blood of the Lord Jesus, our Advocate, who has purchased for us everything our souls need and desire Heb We are given grace in this life, and glory in the life to come. The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. Judges 7 records the story of Gideon and his men — Gideon and 32, Israelite troops gathered near the camp of the Midianites, whose army numbered , Though Gideon was ready to do battle, God had other plans — He was about to show His people just how powerful a God He was.

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God told Gideon to let all those who were afraid of the upcoming battle to return home — 22, men chose to leave their ranks, leaving a fighting force of only 10, Finally, with only men, Gideon and his little army surrounded the Midianite camp. The unimaginable happened: the entire Medianite army was routed. The Israelites were delivered from their foes by a divine miracle. Eph — without it we are little more than heavenly armoured moving targets. While the rest of the armor is undoubtedly vital, it is only the sword the Word that allows us to launch an attack on the enemy.

Lk Prv Scripture tells us that we can be destroyed by lack of the knowledge of God Hos , but it also tells us we will be blessed if we hear and keep His Word Lk The book of Acts teaches us that Paul was stoned and left for dead in the city of Lystra on his first missionary journey by a number of Jews because of his preaching Acts The pathway to future glory with Christ is filled with tribulations.

Rev , 11, 17, 26; , 12, 21 , not to him who remains as he is. Listen carefully, this does not imply that we are saved by overcoming — not at all — but that our overcoming proves the reality of our conversion experience.

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The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit is that eternal living reality that causes us to walk in newness of life cf. Rom ; , 9, ; Gal In short, we overcome all the trials and temptations of life by exercising faith in the Word of God cf. There is no enemy the Word of God, coupled with His Spirit, cannot defeat… so, arm yourself with the Sword of the Spirit by diligently studying the Word of God, and step out and confront the enemy head-on. Rom The Power of the Word of God. Heb , 14; ; , 23, ; Ezek ; ultimately, God is at work in our hearts as believers causing us to walk in His ways cf.

Phil ; Gal ; 2 Tim ; Heb ; Ps Phil ; Rom ; 1 Th ; 1 Pet The truth is, if our salvation depended upon us in any way, none of us would make it! In the final analysis, it is not that we are men and women of great faith, but that we exercise faith feeble though it may be in a great God! The Word is living and powerful — receive it simply with the thought that it will work in you. Keep yourself occupied with the Word, and give it time. It will work in you a faith that is able to give you the grace to stand in the midst of turmoil, tribulation, temptation and suffering.

When you study the Word, receive it as God intends, and it will work mightily in you. When I humbly weigh and hold fast the command, it works the desire and the will to obey… it urges me strongly towards the conviction that I can certainly do what my Father says.

The Holy Spirit: God's Transforming Power | United Church of God

The Word works both faith and obedience… the obedience of the Christian is the obedience of faith. I must believe that through the Spirit I have the power to do what God wills. What is critical here is that you never separate the Word and the Living God from each other — their essence is one and the same — they are inseparable. Jn ; Col ; Rev It should also be remembered, that the Spirit and the Word also always go together cf. Ask God for the grace to carry every Word of His in your heart, with the assurance that it He will work in you all His good pleasure cf.

Phil We spend many days haunted by guilty fears over the sins that we have committed, forgetting the wounds that forever will scar the hands of Your Son, and that plead forgiveness for us every moment of every day. We forget that You alone are our stronghold in times of trouble, and that You are working all things together for our good. Thank you Father for Your beautiful Son… we praise You that His flawless obedience is ours through faith [and we wonder, how can it be? Father, cause us to find overwhelming delight in the salvation You have given us through Christ.

Stir our weak souls to arise and shake off the fearful guilt we cling to with stubborn pride. Open our eyes more and more to see our great High Priest, crushed for us, and now pleading for us before Your throne. May we treasure His love and believe with all our hearts that nothing can separate us from it cf. Rom , not even the sins with which we continue to struggle.

Key Passages Regarding the Word. So in some mysterious miraculous way, God communicated His word to men and led them to record it perfectly for permanent preservation; therefore it is immutable and never changes cf. Ps ; , ; Is ; ; Mt ; Heb As Peter points out, the writers of the Bible did not give their own private interpretation of things, but wrote the message which was given to them by God cf.

Ps The Pentateuch Genesis thru Deuteronomy contains at least claims to divine inspiration… the Historical books contain claims… the Poetic books contain claims… the Prophetic books contain 1, claims. Through the Words of Scripture the man of God may be complete mature , thoroughly equipped with all that he needs to bring forth every good work — which is the very goal of salvation cf. Eph Did you catch that last statement? God did not save us for no purpose!

We have been saved to do good works and love others! Heb Remember, that is the very purpose God gave us His Word! Rom ; 2 Cor ; Gal ; Gen Ps ; ; , whereby we receive genuine refreshment for our souls cf. Jer ; Ezek His Word recalibrates our thinking, and quiets our restless minds cf. After conversion, the believer should be marked by continuous growth cf. This growth comes from the teaching about Christ and God and righteousness that is at the very core of the Word.

Heb ; it is only when we fail to approach it with humility, a sincere and contrite spirit, and a willingness to obey it, that it does not become efficacious in our hearts cf. Ps ; Jam ; , 8; Jn Of this we can be certain, God will do His part , but He insists that we cooperate with Him and do our part read Ps ; 2 Tim ; and 1 Cor Ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within you, and restore unto you the joy of His salvation, and sustain you with a willing spirit cf. Ps , 12 and Ezek Mt Again, God is not nearly as rigid and demanding as many believers perceive Him to be — that is what Satan wants you to believe!

Heb ; Ps But his delight is in the law of the Lord.

1. The Holy Spirit is your Helper.

And in His law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers. Mt — it means all is well between God and you, even when you are weeping over the pain of a broken body or heartbreaking relationship.

The blessed man delights in the law of the Lord — he delights to make it his rule of life, and meditates on it day and night. The law of the Lord is the daily bread of the true believer. Do you study His Word? Do you make it your best com-panion and hourly guide? If not, this blessing does not belong to you. The rivers of mercy and grace, are a never-failing source of supply to the believer. Though God delights in blessing His children, we must prepare ourselves for His blessings by first appropriating the resources He has given to us — we must delight in the Word of God and feed and meditate upon it constantly , because therein is our spiritual nourishment.

God wants His people to be recipients and channels of blessing; God blesses us to make us a blessing to others, but He has given us certain conditions for receiving blessings — first, we must be separated from the world the world is anything that separates us from God or causes us to disobey Him … second, we must be saturated with the Word by meditating on the Word we allow the Holy Spirit to implant the Word in our hearts.

As spiritual trees, we need light , water and roots to live — such is necessary for us to be fruitful believers, and fruitfulness is a quality of the man of grace.

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His leafs do not wither or lose their beauty, and whatsoever he does prospers ; it is not outward prosperity which the Christian most desires, but inward soul prosperity that he longs for. By keeping it according to Thy Word.

With all my heart I have sought Thee; do not let me wander from Thy commandments. They Word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against Thee. Jn , because it will determine our walk. As Spurgeon notes, we have within ourselves a tendency towards that which defiles, therefore we must feed upon the Word that it might teach us how to overcome the world cf. Gal ; 2 Pet , the flesh, and the devil. The Bible must be our road map … therefore we must study it daily that we might be inspired and encouraged to heed and follow it.

Ps — it must be practically sought for as the Word describes. In like manner, the believer needs to repeatedly bring back up those truths that he has been studying in the Word, and chew on them that is, carefully reflect on them ; incidentally, this is the same word that is used to describe a cow chewing its cud. Gal This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.

Have I not commanded you?