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The mattress is raised 9 inches from the floor to prevent you feeling wet and cold surfaces. It contains a chargeable electric pump that can be charged at home or in the car. The pump takes 1 minute to charge fully and inflate the mattress. Due to the material of the mattress, it is not heavy, and it is also easy to carry around.

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This is because the mattress comes with a convenient carrier bag. The inner construction of the mattress is also perfect in that the mattress neither bulges nor sinks. The mattress has an anti-skid base that keeps it in place and its valves ensure adjustable firmness through deflation and inflation. The mattress is very easy to clean as you simply need to wipe it with a damp cloth. As a precaution, it is advisable to charge the pump five hours before the initial use. The KingCamp Light camping pad is the most unique of the air mattresses since it inflates itself once you open the valves.

Polyester is environmentally-friendly. The camping pad is also waterproof. The camping pad contains compression straps for easy folding, an Oxford carrying bag for easy transportation, and a repair kit in case of unexpected damages. The camping pad contains two valves that are made of brass. This makes them durable because brass is noncorrosive. To inflate the pad, open the two valves.

Close them when the camping pad is fully inflated. After use, open the two valves again and roll the pad to let out the air. If the pad does not comfortably fit inside its bag, then there is still some air in it. This ultra-light sleeping pad is light because it is made of high-quality 40D nylon that is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane material TPU. TPU makes the sleeping bag tear-resistant and water and moisture-proof.

The pillow is also inflatable, and it is U-shaped to relieve neck stress and offer maximum comfort. The sleeping bag inflates within 30 seconds, and it can also be inflated using your mouth. Ten to 15 breaths are enough to inflate the bag. It contains two air valves for air regulation, thus helping to balance the sleeping bag. The most unique characteristic of this sleeping pad is the presence of buckles. The buckles aid in connecting two or more sleeping bags. The sleeping bag weighs When inflated, the measurements are It is self-inflating and has its own pillow. It is made of T polyester fabric pongee.

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It is therefore soft, durable, and tear-resistant. It is 1. This makes it firm and long-lasting. It has a tufted design which adds cushion, thus making it more comfortable. The pillow, however, has a separate air chamber. The Freeland Sleeping Pad has a unique splint joint design, which enables two or more bags to be connected when camping with your spouse or kids.

It also has compression straps for easy folding and a storage sack so that it can be easily carried around stored. Due to its light weight and small size after folding, the sleeping pad can easily be carried in a backpack. The sleeping pad weighs 3.

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When inflated, the measurements are 76 x The maximum weight that it can hold is kgs. This reinforcement makes the bed more comfortable and uniform. It has a soft top that provides a luxurious sleep surface. The plush top ensures a steady bed without any movements or sliding as you sleep. It has a powerful coil system that gives proper support for your body weight.

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The edges of the bed have a ring that aids in the stability of the bed and helps keep you in place on the bed. In addition to the above properties, the Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed has a powerful pump that contains a rechargeable battery that can be used for a very long period. The pump also contains a general adaptor, meaning that it can be charged using any port. To maintain the efficiency of the pump and extend its life, there are several precautions for its use. First, the pump has to be charged 12 hours before the first usage. Then, it has to discharge fully before it is charged again.

This is because it is made of thousands of high strength polyester fibers that make it comfortable, stable, and strong.

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It is also made of vinyl, which makes it waterproof. It has a plush top flocking that is soft to the touch. It has horizontal air chambers that add more stability and support to the bed. Baby steps people…. So I thought I would share with you my must-pack items for car camping should you find yourself seeking a little weekend adventure or getaway. I hope you find this list helpful! It just adds some extra space without too much bulk.

Firewood — most campsites will sell it but be sure to check in advance. If not, try a local hardware store or gas station. Bring an extra yarn of string just to be safe. Hammer — for staking in your tent polls. Light — not totally necessary, but the last time we went camping we brought our Luminaid and loved it.

Blanket — not so much a tool but a great thing to have for inside the tent or for sitting by the fire. We use an old mexican rug. Especially with socks… Raincoat — Never go camping without one. You will regret every second of it. Wool Socks — Bring multiple pairs. I like to keep one pair in the tent that ensures they stay relatively clean. Fleece — In love with my Patagonia Fleece.

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Warm Hat — Ditto. Oil — I bring a mason jar of olive oil to use for both cooking or greasing the grill, as needed. Peanut Butter — the ultimate camping food. Spices — bring your favorites to flavor your food. Post on this coming soon! Granola and berries, oatmeal or even eggs is a great start! Soap — we like to bring a big bottle of Dr. Most car camping sites have on-sight showers.

Sometimes they require payment so bring quarters!

An Emotional Survival Guide for Single Moms

My children now go to camp every year. My son was in Beavers a Boy Scout program for boys too young to be Cubs , and they go camping through their school. It's the most exciting time of their year. I'm hoping they'll be interested in doing a fullyear outdoor education program when they are older. Anxiety is rooted in our genetics but is also what we would consider a chronic lifestyle- related condition. Our kids are living unhealthy lifestyles. That's probably the biggest factor. Forty percent of our children are sleep deprived because they are too busy, which is linked to anxiety and depression.

Most of their schedule is highly structured activity that takes place indoors. Then, when they're not in scheduled activities, there's lots of academic pressure.

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Stress is everywhere and one of kids' main coping skills is using technology, which means staying inside. We know that nature has tremendous positive effects. Just basic sunlight is a treatment for depression.