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The plot could have been decent, but there was a talking demon dog that was obsessed with his testicles. Was anyone else affected by Mercury in retrograde? Not a great reading month for me — picked up and dropped quite a few titles. Or did the filmmakers add it to the movie? Anonymous 55 — I can try. The Duke I Tempted is definitely a book worth moving up your TBR, so skip this comment if you want no spoilers at all.

Five stars! A plus-size heroine whose story does not have weight loss as the goal! The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. A wonderful magic trick of a book! I felt like I was watching a shell game except the rotating cups were couplings. Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. I was captivated by her, and mostly her. Other actors were questionable, and I definitely wanted more of little brother Jason. However, it was faithful to the book in ways that were small but satisfying the Dracula cape, the Christmas candle, the dancing bear.

I was pleased that in the movie, Davey and Wolf actually kiss instead of her just fantasizing about it. And watching the death scene instead of reading it was sad in an entirely different way. Enough said.

Lots of Courtney Milan and Rachel Grant over the past couple weeks, and enough to keep going for a few more weeks, I hope. In some ways her writing reminds me of Courtney Milan — so much research, so many layers to the characters, takes a lot of risks with the conflicts she sets up, creates absolutely beautiful sentences and structure to the novels, extremely high quality standards in self-pub books, etc — sure, they write completely different book genres historicals vs. The story struck me as realistic, as occupiers the Germans were generally truly horrible, but they were also human, and as individuals could be kind and generous on occasion, often when the local citizens least expected it.

A recommendation from SBTB, the main character was amazing.

Evidence Series Box Set Volume 1

I read it at the beginning of the month and then reread it by the end, just to savor the characterizations. Not as good as Brute, but still interesting. The Bones series is set in modern day Pacific Northwest with werewolves. Again the characterizations got to me.

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This just hit me in the right place. The people were nuts and I would reread it just for the funny internet provider service call. And heroine is refreshingly competent, managing to save herself several times. A unique werewolf story and interesting both from the world building and the character side. I liked the characters, I liked the setting. However it just felt unfinished and not long enough. Locke, Claryssa — Pirate Consort. Telepathic space pirates are always awesome.

This was just not as awesome as the earlier ones in the series and more of a continuation book than a romance. Another series disappointment.

Walker, N. This was sweet. Yet another series disappointment. The rest, however, had issues. Like formatting same scenes in multiple places and continuity. I think it needed another edit. Rebecca Paula Thank you so much for your kind comments! I try to put an animal-rescue subplot in each book, because that is, in my view, an extremely important message.

Also happy you like my heroines — I hate silly heroines! Love them! Very engaging heroes, strong and competent heroines-she is an author who ticks a lot of boxes for me! I might also let household chores slide a bit…. This was a pretty great reading month for me because we went on a beach vacation. Not sure if she will ever recapture the magic of On Dublin Street for me but this was a solid book. I am actually looking for books for tween girls, so I am open to any more suggestions. They are bilingual Spanish and English so they may be slightly below English-only 6th grade readers.

The last thing I know one of them enjoyed was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I had to go back to work today after being on vacation for a week. Strange Beard by Penny Reid—This book jumped 5 years from the last book and focuses on the youngest Roscoe and his childhood friend Simone. Father gets devastating news about his 16 year old daughter so he leaves the city and goes to his old vacation home on a Caribbean island and runs into the old next door neighbor —Driven by K.

It was just ok to me and left off with a cliffhanger. Finds a retired football player through friends that wants more out of life. It was cute and there are a couple of other books that feature characters in this book. Duet book. Nanny knows things about her widowed boss that only his best friend knew and she was murdered years ago.

He thinks she might be his friend reincarnated.

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  5. The Summer of the Spotted Owl (Dinah Galloway)!

I liked this one. There are three books in this series that follow 3 friends. A male escort is intrigued listening to a female in a coffee shop talking to her friend about her wild weekly escapades.

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  • Truth or Dare.
  • Red Sonja: She-Devil With a Sword Vol. 1.
  • He decides to take her under his wing and help her open up. Three friends run a Bail Bonds business and Kennedy also helps out her father. They end up betting to see who can end the case first and it just ends up being a really funny but short book. Geissinger Slow Burn romance between a wallflower and a Scottish rugby player living in the apartment across the hall.

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    It was an enemies to friends to lovers book that I really enjoyed. Sequel to Bad Romeo. I felt like these 2 books were really drawn out. They were both good and you get an excellent look at the backstory but I felt like it was too much and at some points you just wanted it to be over.

    A Daytime tv host is trying to keep her dating life private but because she used company resources she has to talk about a new restaurant Going In Blind. I really liked this book and at times it was funny. While her flight is delayed she convinces a soldier just getting home from an 18 month deployment to go home with her and pretend to be the boyfriend she just dumped.

    Also known as the book that would not end. Wife is afraid husband is going to leaver her end up with menage relationship. It was ok. Felt like there need to be more to the story. Tied up too quick and too fast. This book was great. It was funny, it was angsty and a lot of banter. I have never read this author before but there are a couple more books in the series I look forward to reading.

    This book has been getting a lot of good reviews and I can see why. She hires a male escort to help her get used to touching and being around people.

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    Trevor and Edgard are in the first book in the series-Long Hard Ride. So there is a lot of history behind Edgard coming into their lives. Kristen — so glad you are still enjoying the Suzanne Brockmann. Prince Joe is one of my all time favorites. Although I have read and loved romance since I was a young teen, Brockmann was my first addictive must read author when I was in high school and college. I remember driving to Borders!!! And I was in college when she announced that Sam and Alyssa were getting their own book and I completely freaked out and wrote her a fan girl email saying thank thank thank you.

    So I am glad someone else is finding them and enjoying them!!! KatieC, thanks so much for the rec!