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Your most loyal customers become the biggest advocates for your brand, thus driving customer acquisition. One way to drive customer loyalty and customer acquisition is through offers, discounts and deals. As mentioned previously, online store offers can be an effective tool for not only customer acquisition, but also for customer loyalty. If you want to position yourself as a higher-end brand or if you have slimmer margins, you may want to consider sticking to customer loyalty-type offers as opposed to weekly sales.

On the other hand, if you have healthy margins, deep discounting and daily or weekly sales might be better for hitting your goals. Ultimately, you need to consider if offers and which type s of offers are right for your brand. Building an online business will generally involve a lot of experimentation to understand what works best.

The best approach is to choose a goal for every campaign and offer, start small, and measure the results. There are several types of discounts and offers you have at your disposal.

How to Start a Freelance Marketing Side Hustle

You can also easily apply these discounts to multiple collections, products, and locations in Shopify. Redemption of dollar-based offers vs. Pair one of these with a minimum purchase to increase its impact. An easy trick to keep in mind when deciding between a percentage or fixed amount discount for a specific product is the rule of This is a psychological trigger that will result in the highest perceived value for your customers.

Offering free shipping is a great way to mitigate this and increase conversions. Use free shipping discounts in conjunction with a minimum purchase requirement to increase your average order value. You can also limit this discount type to specific countries and groups of customers such as customer loyalty program members , and avoid cutting into your margins by excluding shipping rates over a certain amount. There are a hundred and one ways you can use sales, offers, discounts, and deals to drive customer loyalty, acquisition, and conversions. These are traditional sales used to drive conversions.

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Many times sales are used at the end of a month or quarter to increase revenues to meet business goals. Example: The online photo department at Walgreens has weekly sales and coupon codes , as well as ongoing promo codes at the bottom of the page. They kicked this initiative off by manually reaching out to potential respondents on LinkedIn. Black Friday Cyber Monday and the holiday season are the big ones, but the whole year is sprinkled with national and commemorative holidays that provide an opportunity to share relevant discounts and offers with customers.

The psychology of making money.

Example: Blu Skin Care regularly makes use of holidays to promote offers to their visitors and past customers. They promote these in different ways: email, social media, markets, and on their website. For everyone else, or if you want more customization and analytics, check out Klaviyo. This reminds and incentivizes first-time visitors to come back and complete their purchase. As you probably already know, building an email list is extremely important for online retailers. You also get their email, providing you with the opportunity to build a relationship, foster customer loyalty, and market to them in the future.

Example: Online retailer Overstock.

Are You Considering Freelance Content Marketing? Use This Guide to Help You.

One of the hardest parts of running a new online store is getting the word out. Giving visitors and customers an incentive to share your store with their social circles can be an effective way to create inexpensive word-of-mouth. People are much more likely to purchase from you if referred by a friend or family member. Use this to your advantage and leverage offers to encourage referrals. You can choose to give a deal to the person referring, the person being referred, or both.

Example: Meal-delivery brands like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are well known for their referral marketing. Every so often, customers are gifted promo codes to share with friends and family, who can then redeem their first box for free or at a steeply discounted price. For every friend who redeems, the referrer often gets a free or discounted box, too. As a business leader, you know time is money.

This is a big negative in the con column. You can offset this con by establishing a more long-term partnership with the freelancer. They learn more about your goals and business with each assignment. Over time, the work continues to improve, and they need less management. This helps them see the whole picture. On top of this, working for many clients within one area of content marketing has allowed them to really hone their skills to deliver results. A freelancer learns how to do a lot of things along the way. They bring this diverse skill-set to you when you hire them.

Have you ever called a huge business? But nothing gets resolved.

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  8. This is a common complaint among huge companies. Plan ahead. Give them ample time. Manage your expectations regarding anything you need quickly. They may not be able to pick up another assignment that you must have today.

    Lesson-14: Content Marketing: Hidden tactics and strategies - Ankur Aggarwal

    But oftentimes, an agency can provide a faster turn around. Need something over the weekend or on a holiday? Your employees may grumble or refuse to work. Labor Day may just be another work day to them.

    Because they work for themselves, they set their own hours. If they have to complete a big project over the weekend, they may be happy to take Monday off to avoid over-working themselves. If they need to work 70 hours one week, they may be willing to do it. Always talk to your freelancer regarding their flexibility. They may have something planned just like the rest of us. As you can see there are some pros as well as cons. Maximizing the pros and minimizing the cons requires you to streamline how you hire and work with freelancers.

    Start with referrals. Ask around. Have any of your colleagues or LinkedIn connections had good experiences in the freelance content marketing department? But be mindful. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can be a freelancer. When possible, starting here will help you more quickly narrow down your list to find the perfect one for you.

    How to Start a Freelance Marketing Side Hustle - Vital Dollar

    As we saw earlier, content marketing includes many facets. If you hire someone who is primarily a content marketing writer to distribute your content, you may not get the best results. You see, every writer is different. So you need to determine what content do you want them to produce before even looking for someone to hire.

    Here are some points to help you out:. Answering these questions will make your hiring process easier and faster as you know what to search for. Freelance is always project based.

    Building in Time for Analysis

    That project needs to be clearly defined. You may modify it as you begin working with the perfect freelance content marketer. As we mentioned above, how much are you willing to spend? Will you be outsourcing all of your content marketing, or just one-off projects or campaigns? Research what people are paying. Look at the quality you can get for that price. In content marketing, quality is everything. That matters. But more importantly, quality is accomplished when the following are taking place:. Set a reasonable budget based upon what you need. Set clear goals.

    Do you want more quality social media followers? You may need a content marketer to help you achieve that. Determine what you plan to achieve. Discuss with your freelancer whether the timeline is attainable. A style guide, or branding guide, allows you to show a consistent face to your customers.