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But often upon arrival, Louis and Brian discovered the fire left nothing behind.

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The team of two wandered through a maze of burned structures, tapping periodically on walls to encourage animals out of hiding and scanning the rubble for any sign of movement. Along the way, they left bowls of water and food in places where animals may gather and for other animals safely "sheltering in place," such as goats and chickens.

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Inside the homes still standing, testaments of owners' love for their pets were apparent everywhere—from "rescue our pets" stickers on front doors to a massive oil painting of a Persian cat covering a bedroom wall. One of the recurring challenges confronting Louis and Brian was simply being able to find the animal. The responders found themselves on their hands and knees, relying on headlamps and flashlights, cat charming skills, and pure luck to coax the felines from hiding. All in all, they successfully rescued six cats, including a beloved white cat named Booki.

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All were transported to a handoff point to be reunited with their families. Louis and Brian were the last responders out of the field that day, staying until the search was exhausted and the mission complete. For a community that lost everything quickly and without warning, their pets are often the one piece of hope they can cling to.

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For Louis and the other responders, there's nothing more rewarding than being able to bring these deeply important members of the family home safe. The problems we face are urgent, complicated, and resistant to change. Real solutions demand creativity, hard work, and involvement from people like you.

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Unfortunately, the browser you use is outdated and does not allow you to display the site correctly. Please install any of the modern browsers, for example:. Not what others think it should be, or what others in your kind of job say it should be, or what it used to be, but what it is? There are three elements that I believe fuel us to varying degrees: pay, prestige and process.

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Pay includes all of the physical benefits of our work, such as compensation. Prestige includes the accolades and recognition we receive for our work, including titles, promotions and awards. Process is about the work itself and being motivated by the continual discovery and challenge of solving problems and making progress.

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Few of us will have the chance to engage in a decades-long struggle for justice, but we all can identify something that fuels our process. What is that for you?

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What are you fighting for and against? How do you define greatness? Just a thought: I believe that the most important work we can all do today is to define what our work will be about. We help creative people do brilliant work.

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