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Long ago, home appliances were limited to three distinct categories. They were established in the Sears, Roebuck catalog: good, better and best. It didn't matter what you were buying: It would either be good. Or better. Or best.

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No more. Today, we live in an ever-expanding world of competitive upscale. That was when I saw the sub-zero. It was a inch side-by-side with a glass window door and four independently cooled drawers at the bottom. Mind you, that's for a refrigerator that can't even talk! For that much money, I could go to Home Depot and buy a refrigerator that can talk and have secret meetings with Alexa and Siri, not to mention remember my birthday.

They could keep cool, talk among themselves and hang out together while making their contribution to solving the problem of global warming. But it wasn't the functional differences that got my attention. To be sure, it was a long time ago — — and the South End was a pretty sketchy neighborhood. But I paid a record price at the time because it was a four-story townhouse at the end of a street, next to a church. It was also wider than most houses, so it would be more flexible for remodeling. Once an elegant private home with beautiful walnut woodwork, it was functioning as a rooming house and, like most of the houses in the South End, the price was about two times the annual rental income, a multiple that should give you an idea of just how sketchy the neighborhood was.

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The price was two times annual rent, but you had to be tough enough collect it. How about a crockpot for creating delicious meals to enjoy at a new dining room or kitchen table? This is a pay-as-you-go service, and you have no responsibility with post sale warranties because Best Buy takes care of that.

Let Best Buy do what they do best, and you do what you do best, which is sell furniture! Best Buy is committed to bringing you the largest selection of technology solutions for you and your customers. The Best Buy for Business program has so many ways for you to make your mark on the relationship you have with your customers. The possibilities are endless! Not an HFA member?

We can take care of that. Call us at , ext. Current News. Featured Stories. RetailerNOW is changing.

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With this change, you will be able to find the same great content on the HFA website. Unless you're looking for some minor brand or weird size, chances are you'll find what you need in a store.

Most stores can also order what you need since they also have websites and huge warehouses. The exception is the store-specific models mentioned above.

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If you're not exactly sure what TV you want, and hope to decide by looking at them, surprisingly a store doesn't offer much more in this regard than online. Every big retailer has lighting radically different from your home. You're also not likely to be standing at the normal viewing distance.

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Checking out a few of my local stores, I found some models a few inches on the floor, others way over my head. Some rows I was forced to stand just a couple of feet away, others I had to step back to see the TV. All of these factors change your perception. Worse, if you're looking at two TVs , one by your feet and the other over your head, how do you compare?

In perhaps the best example I can think of for the futility of in-store evaluation, a TV I knew to be good, placed knee-level in a narrow corridor, looked noisy and overall terrible. I'd tested the TV in my own lab and even I wouldn't buy it if all I'd seen was its in-store performance.

Good, Better, Best Buy

Conversely, a TV I knew to be utterly mediocre was given center stage, its backlight cranked all the way up, giving it the appearance of being special. This is why LCDs always look better in stores than they do at home, and why technologies with higher contrast but which are dimmer overall like OLED or plasma, RIP often don't look as good. Keep in mind that not all HDR is the same.

My advice: Do your research beforehand, then judge the TV at home given a reasonable return policy. If the TV is well reviewed, and other regular people have positive things to say in online reviews, and it looks good in your home, guess what?

You've picked a fantastic television. As long as the TV isn't too big, or you've got a big truck, you can drive it home.

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  • That's the biggest advantage to in-store: instant gratification. Most stores will charge you to deliver it, but specials come along with free shipping. Online depends on the site. Amazon offers free shipping on a lot of TVs, and if you subscribe to its Prime service, two-day shipping on everything is free. It's hard to beat driving a TV back to the store and telling them where they can stick it in their warehouse; what did you think I meant? Many retailers have day, no-questions-asked return policies. Some have shortened this to 15 days, and some even have a restocking fee.

    Definitely worth checking out ahead of time. Costco has a pretty liberal return policy 90 days on TVs , if you're a member. Online varies a lot. Amazon, as usual, is the gold standard. It has a day return policy with free return shipping. Even better, it allows TVs purchased between November 1 and December 31 to be returned anytime before January Be careful, though, as Amazon isn't always Amazon.

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    Many retailers use Amazon as a vehicle to sell their own wares. In these cases, Amazon is merely a facilitator. Their return policy could be anything.