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Bucky holds on to that belief while he showers, using the unscented soap and shampoo specific for the Run. Not when Alphas will be relying on how Omegas smell to chase and claim the one they want for themselves. Natasha likes to say Bucky smells permanently of sawdust, which… eh. The dark gray sweatpants and black tank top Bucky set out for the run feel soft and nice against his warm skin. He knows better than to pick something that is too constricting or fancy.

First, he will be running around barefoot in the woods and second, he hopes his clothes will be ripped off of him when his Alpha finds him. Not anymore. He hops off the steps and climbs onto the passenger seat, knowing better than to complain when that puts him flush against Clint. Running with an empty stomach is never fun. A mate, during his first try. He watches the people outside walk in the direction of the woods, laughing with a kind of excited and nervous energy that takes hold of the townsfolk whenever a new Run is on. Bucky wishes he were excited, but all he can muster is a tired kind of resolve to get through this so he can go home, take a nice bath, and then pass out on his bed.

Clint elbows him on the side. He sombers. Natasha and Clint walk him to one of the Omega registration booths, and then hang around while Bucky gets himself sorted. His wrist itches around the red bracelet they put on him, containing his name and contact information, which will be used to validate his mating bond if he ends the race with a mate.

Valley of the Sun - Aquarius

There are still a few minutes before Bucky needs to get himself to the starting line, so he fills them by going through his stretching routine and listening to Natasha and Clint bicker. Omegas have a head start during the race, with Alphas following behind ten minutes later. It gives Omegas a chance to leave a scent trail for Alphas to follow, which helps with the thrill of the chase. She waves her fingers at him, knowing better than to touch him and make him smell like another Alpha.

The horn blares through the air again, signaling the beginning of the Run, and Bucky is off like a shot. He runs and runs and runs, brushing through bushes and trailing his hand over tree trunks, leaving his scent through the woods. He wants to be caught, but he will not make this an easy chase.

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A howl sounds off to his left. Someone has been claimed, and the Alpha is warning off anyone who dares come closer. Bucky adjusts his course. Everyone needs to be of clear minds and hearts to participate, as clouded judgement and impaired consent are strictly against the rules.

Omegas do finish the run with the beginning of their heat cycles, though. Heat spreads through them almost as soon as they submit to the Alpha who caught them, accepting their claim. Bucky has always wondered what that is like: spending his heat with an Alpha. Bucky has always wondered, but he has also always wanted to wait.

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He makes his way towards it, keeping an ear out for cracking branches and the thudding of footsteps approaching. Only silence and the singing of birds can be heard. Bucky sighs with relief at the first touch of his palms against the water. He cups some with his hands and brings it over his face, smiling at the refreshing feeling the cooling water has against his heated skin.

He takes off his soaked shirt and sticks it in the waistband of his pants, and then pours more water down his chest and over his shoulders.

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His pants are getting soaked, but the sheer relief of the liquid against his body is more than worth it. It also means his scent washes away, little by little, until it is nothing more than a faint trace of it in the wind. Bucky smiles to himself. On quick feet and with a smile on his face, Bucky uses the hard earned strength of his body and dashes off along the pond and away from his admirer.

He can hear laughter and the swish of feet behind him as they run through the trees, jump over fallen logs, and steer away from other participants. Excitement and curiosity colors his every breath, but he fights off the urge to glance over his shoulder and catch a glimpse of whoever is chasing him. This Alpha is smart , Bucky thinks with a smile. He turns sharply to the right and then veers to the left, listening as his Alpha skids against a pile of fallen wet leaves and almost crashes into a tree in his hurry to follow.

Maybe with an added bit of annoyance, if going by the way they huff and puff and run a little bit faster.

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Another howl cuts through the air, this time coming from somewhere ahead of them. Bucky is the one to curse now. Bucky takes a deep breath and turns right, as far away from the mating couples as he can. Soon, there will be no place left for Bucky to run to. As much as he loves the thrill of the chase, there is only one thing he can do.

Wild Garden Seed: Organic Hearts Aflame (Lettuce) Seeds

Only one thing left for him to do. Strong arms wrap themselves around his waist a second later, tackling him to the ground. A scent that is as familiar to Bucky as every beat of his own heart. They were as close as two five-year-old kids could be, brought together by a bond of friendship and loyalty that started when Bucky stopped Steve from getting his butt kicked by a group of older boys that went to their school.

Steve was a little slip of a thing back then, all sharp angles and skinny legs, with angry righteousness burning behind his eyes that followed him well into their teenage years.

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  7. After the funeral, Steve was whisked away to the capital to live with a distant uncle, leaving Bucky with promises of letters and keeping in touch. They did, for a while, but life tends to get in the way. The phone calls and postcards stopped being exchange after a while and, two years after Steve left, they stopped all together. Steve must have changed physically when he presented as an Alpha, gained the strength and muscles to match the fierceness of his own heart.

    His smile is still the same , Bucky notes, flashing Steve a smile of his own. Bucky takes in a shaky breath and lets out an even shakier laugh. He hadn't even known Steve was back , let alone participating in the Run. For good. Bought a house here and everything. Steve surges up and presses their lips together in a kiss that is scorching hot and full of promise.

    Steve stares back at him like Bucky is the most precious being in this world, all soft eyes and a tender smile that makes Bucky want to kiss him again. So Bucky does. He does it so easily still, like Bucky weighs nothing. Not yet.

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    6. Steve growls again, although there is nothing playful about the sound this time. It will happen soon. His body and his soul know what he wants. It lights Bucky up from the inside, sending hot sparks of pleasure up and down his spine. He can feel himself start to grow slick between his legs. Bucky has a second to be thankful for not wearing fancy clothes when Steve promptly rips his sweatpants off of him. Their scents mingle together, heat sweet and rut rich, just as their lips come together in a deep and desperate kiss.

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      And now there is desperation for them to come together, to tie, to create a bond. His body feels like a slow burning flame, hot with lust and eager for everything Steve has to give him. Steve kneels behind him when Bucky gets on all fours with his ass tilted up and legs spread, presenting for his Alpha. Bucky bites down on his bottom lip and bows his back even more.