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Jasmine leads workshops in schools and community settings. She runs regular school clubs as well as one-off day visits, and leads CPD training for teachers.

She enthused the students and inspired them quickly. Jasmine is able to speak with students on their own level which is a great benefit for getting them excited about poetry! All of our students agreed that the session was excellent, and our feedback has been exceptional.

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One student has commented that she would love for Jasmine to come back so that she could perform a poem with Jasmine! We would recommend her to any school looking to excite students about poetry, and hope to have her back very soon! The children benefited hugely from her input and were able to create and perform a poem around the theme of London.

Jasmine was enthusiastic and energetic with the children and inspired them to produce some outstanding work. The final assembly, where a selection of children read out their poems, was very impressive and thoroughly enjoyed by the rest of the school. A hugely positive experience!! She also coordinates West Midlands Poets' Place. Run in association with Apples and Snakes and Birmingham Hippodrome, this fortnightly session is an informal, flexible meeting point which gives both old-time poets and newcomers the opportunity to meet like-minded people, receive critical feedback and try a writing exercise.

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You can keep up to date on the next session through the Poets' Place Facebook Page. Jasmine believes in the multiple powers of spoken word to develop a participant's communication skills, self expression and confidence. She is particularly interested in taboo, its deconstruction and its power over language. Jasmine is available for workshops, hosting and project coordination and can be contacted via email. This vibrant hot pink will show you a whole new world. This item is limited edition.

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