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Within the espionage world, his reputation is impeccable. There was a time, though, when that reputation was still being built under his mentor, Durrie. Fifteen years ago, Quinn was offered a job. On the surface, a straightforward mission to stop a terrorist. But the client gave Quinn the additional task of taking on Durrie as his number two, as a last chance for the veteran agent to be rehabilitated.

Durrie had been on a downward spiral, going from being a highly respected operative to an unreliable has-been.

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Both she and Quinn were desperate to help Durrie return to the person he once was. They hoped this job would be the answer.

His first five years were spent as an apprentice, then, after being on his own, he becomes one of the best body removal specialist in the espionage world. This includes making whatever bodies have been left behind disappear forever. But, over the course of the series twelve novels, several short stories and a novella, so far , he reunites with Orlando, the woman he has secretly loved for years.

With her and Nate, they become a team that only gets better and better at what they do. How did the relationship between Quinn and Orlando originate? Only one of these has Quinn. Want to elaborate?

Just Another Job (A Jonathan Quinn Story)

All three should be available at the Kindle store and other places where e-books are sold, such as smashwords. BB : Logan is a former soldier who went into security work at a defense contractor after he finished college. While he was working there, something bad happened that got him fired and caused his wife to leave him. Logan has moved back to his hometown of Cambria, California, and is working at an auto-repair garage owned by his almost year-old father.

What inspired you to write that?

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BB : Definitely my kids. I wanted to write an adventure I thought they might enjoy. Trouble and should be out mid-April. BB: A little, perhaps. Thirteen-year-old Eric Morrison thinks he might be going crazy. His whole life has suddenly turned upside down. Dazed by this whirlwind of chaos, Eric finds an ad in a phone book that seems to be tailored just for him, a service for kids who are in trouble.

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Trouble and the Trouble family arrive to help him. How do you compare the two experiences? I enjoy being in control of the cover design.


Now I can write what I want, throw it out there, and if it finds an audience, great! If not, no problem either. After narrowly losing the Mr. Romance title last year despite running around with no pants, how do you plan to campaign for it this year? Inside five of the DVD sleeves there will be a golden ticket. Those five lucky winners will get…well, best not go into it here. PCN : I agree. Looks fun, though.

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Thanks for chatting, Brett! Hope to see you there! Great story! A virus is set to destroy the world, a virus caused by one man. It attacked, his family, but Ash is still alive and determined to find who is responsible. Another interesting, well developed character, Logan is featured in two books so far.

In the Alexandra Poe series, Mr. Battles has created a strong woman lead who joins with Stonewell International, a fugitive retrieval company. First to find her father who disappeared ten years ago, the second to take down a terrorist. Both sound like a unique and exciting premise.

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Add to this growing series several stand alone books listed in the table below, and you have a nice variety and number of books to enjoy. When Quinn is again hired to make a body disappear, the body turns out to be that of his friend. Nate and Orlando are back in this popular book.

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Well done, intriguing story that kept me reading more! See how Quinn met his mentor in this enjoyable read. Your email address will not be published.