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Also it is hinted at a future relationship between the hero and his best friend elf. I have small children, and the sexual predation is too disturbing to me. Not a very good read, even without the things that offended me. Lightwing SF aliens and human-mutants with alternative sexualities, eg. Heinlein, Robert A. Fantasy, homosexual and bisexual characters, reccomended. Despite that little flaw, however, I still highly recommend this series. This holds true for both humans and an older race on the planet.

Stirling The Sharpest Edge with Stirling lesbian was reprinted as Saber and Shadow, almost the same story but with some changes in the early chapters which were apparently made so that The Cage makes more sense.


The Girls left long ago, to explore space. Stardance quite good Starseed Mindkiller bondage; bi female; asexual, etc. Keepers of the Hidden Ways series The Silver Stone: consensual father-daughter incest among aristocrats not stated but strongly hinted. The Crimson Sky: sexual relationship between human and Norse goddess, positively portrayed gay character. Elliot, ed. This novelette was the subject of an essay by Dr. Also check out her webpage, www. Shadow Man SF 5 human sexes through settled space; novel takes places on a world that only acknowledges 2 sexes despite having the same 5; conflict between social and physical realities Night Sky Mine gay male couple and a budding teenage lesbian Point of Hopes F; with Lisa Barnett wonderfully-conceived fantasy world where everyone is bisexual Point of Dreams two male protagonists in Point of Hopes, finally together The Jazz SF Shaw, Bob SF Call Me Dumbo male turned female in order to generated offspring Shea, Robert and Robert Anton Wilson Illuminatus!


Thomas SF Crygender futuristic stroy involving an artificially created, ex-terrorist hermaphrodite Thomson, Amy Virtual Girl female robot discovers humanity and empathy. But when we are lucky enough to do not miss them and know that it is worth it to fight if necessary.. This story is just that. A beautiful love story with BDSM elements.

So go buy Matt and Stephon and Jewel story. It is a MFM but with the twist I love to read. Mrs Roberts understand that perfectly.

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But yes… the weak point in this story remain the same… the epilogue. I so wanted them to make a more permanent commitment or kids. So yes.. Mrs Roberts? Mrs Roberts is my guilty pleasure. I have read all of her books….

MF included. I have 5 authors I put on top of my list and Mrs Roberts is one of them. Regardless of what genre she publishes, I do not care. It is an automatic buy for me. I do not write review much anymore. Real life and all that jazz… but I will always find the time to review some authors.

They deserve that that the world read them, know them and just like me, put them on their top auto-buy list! Go check all her El Diablo series. Worth every penny spent!! 2017-08-06 [21:08]

Thank you Mrs Roberts for the dedication. You are one of the kind…. Holly S. Roberts is a retired homicide and sex crimes detective who loves long walks on the beach and sweet music. NOT… she hikes mountains with her Rottweiler and listens to hard rock with heavy bass and bad words. Oh and coffee. She must have coffee! Long time, no see….. Never say ever…. Today is my day to rant about something that is boiling inside me for quite a while and how convenient to have a blog to share my rant and talk about something that makes me cringe… like nails on a chalkboard….

You probably did not care much or thought it was another genre. Well it is and it is not. Some authors decided a little while ago to use this tag in their stories not even knowing what it means, not even caring what it means. Most for greedy reasons, some because they did not do their homework, some just per honest mistake. So let me explain what reverse harem means:.

Isadora (Masters Among Monsters, #2) by Ella Frank

Reverse harem: A genre in manga and anime where a single often ordinary girl is liked and followed by a bunch of handsome men 3 or more who are all madly in love with her. The girl often cannot pick which guy she should go out with and remains indecisive. Reverse harem anime is in a word, the reverse of harem anime. Your main character is a girl, generally clumsy, sweet, and average in appearance. Just like with harem anime, you have a bishounen for all types of ideals like the megane character, the tsundere, the childhood friend, the playboy, the shota, and the sporty type.

Unlike harem anime, reverse harem anime does not have nudity , although there may be a few shirtless scenes. It does not have ecchi scenes.

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It is not as comedic as harem anime, but the right bishounen can make your heart race and your face blush. Reverse Harem is sub-genre of Romance. In these stories multiple men gather around one central, female character. This trope is popular in Manga and Anime. And usually all the men are in love with the girl as well. And instead of a bunch of girls chasing a guy , it would be a bunch of guys chasing a girl.

Not exactly chasing but you get the message. Reverse Harem Animes usually have only one female character the main character ,can only be a female who is surrounded by a bunch of guys. However in some cases there may be more than one female character. Now to the guys, well in reverse harem there can be up to about 15 or maybe more. All guys in reverse harem have different personalities which makes them all different.

These are only some , so control yourselves. Nothing wrong here.

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Reverse harem anime is popular in Japan. Reverse Harem is sub-genre of Romance….. All the guys are in love but the heroine does not love any and is only in lust with them?

ASMSG Romance Erotica Ezine June 2014

It is a form of polyamory. A love triangle also called a romantic love triangle or a romance triangle is usually a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with a third, it usually implies that each of the three people has some kind of relationship to the other two. Japan anime are NOT erotic romance and will never be similar. Multiple men with one heroine are either a menage, a polyandry relationship or a triangle. Reverse harem is a genre in itself that has nothing to do with erotic romance. So again….. It makes no sense.

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It is plain stupid. It makes me want to yell to those authors that using this tag means lying to the readers. A menage is a menage. Where the heck is the romance in this??? A harem means a bunch of people from teenagers to elders who are prisoners, who have no freedom, who are used for sex, who have a master that can do whatever they want with, including scaring, beating, killing even.