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How to Ride a Motorcycle with a Passenger - Valentines Day Edition

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Sox the dog seen riding on back of motorcycle in Las Vegas

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How To Prepare a Passenger For Their First Motorcycle Ride

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The Consequences Of Riding With A Drunk Passenger

National Trust. Premium Articles. For this reason, wait until you have gained experience as a driver in order to better be able to handle the new way your motorcycle will feel with the new addition of a passenger. Before making the decision to carry a passenger on your bike, complete a motorcycle safety course.

After successfully taking such a course, ease in to the new experience by first carrying passengers only in low-traffic areas before riding on a busy street with the precious new cargo. A motorcycle instruction permit typically does not permit its carrier to have passengers. While most states do allow a person with a full motorcycle license to carry passengers do check the DMV regulations for your state to be sure that you will be in compliance prior to carrying a passenger.

These regulations are available in the motorcycle operator manual or by contacting the nearest DMV office. No matter how experienced the driver, some motorcycles are simply not equipped to carry any passengers. Before offering anyone a ride, check to be sure that your seat is big enough to carry two as well as that your bike has the extra foot pegs a passenger will need. Just as important? Have an extra helmet available for your passenger, one that properly fits him or her. In some cases your state may have additional requirements that a motorcycle must meet in order to legally carry passengers.

Best of Girls on Motorcycles

Check to be sure that your bike meets these requirements before accepting a passenger. While most of the information that will help keep you and your passenger safe is largely relative to the bike's operator, there are safety rules any passenger should also be briefed on prior to hopping on board. Even if your passenger claims to be an experienced rider, always take the time to be sure that he or she:. Carrying a passenger on your motorcycle can be a fun rewarding experience if you take the time to do all that you can to keep both of you safe. In addition to the above tips, be sure to heed any recommendations made by a traffic school or defensive driving teacher as well as by your state's DMV.

With many bikes, a passenger feels more secure holding onto the driver when in motion. This being said, your fingers could get pretty chilly if you have them out in the wind. If you vision requires you to wear eyeglasses or contacts, you need to pay attention to this before you go on a ride.

1. Gain Experience As A Driver

Many bike helmets are too tight to allow you to wear your eyeglasses comfortably. Leaning with your driver can make a huge difference in how hard he has to try to direct the bike. If you feel him or her lean to the right, you lean to the right as well, no matter how scary it might seem.

With this, riding onto the driver is perfectly acceptable, but to an extent.

It might be miserable to wear blue jeans in degree weather, but they could save you from road rash in case of a crash. You might want to keep your flip-flops on for the ride, but be mindful of your toes. The most important thing is safety, but keep in mind those other, less critical things that can make your ride more comfortable. When riding any sort of bike, I firmly believe your should wear boots or tennis shoes at least , jeans, a long-sleeved shirt of some kind, possibly gloves and a helmet.