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I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel like a real Minnesotan again, sore back and all. It's early yet, and the snow could taper off. I know there's been some controversy over shoveling and not shoveling and how the latter gets punished and publicized. Can you imagine what someone from, say, California would make of our bickering about how sidewalk shoveling ordinances are enforced?

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Their loss, I say. I know many people, even those who do shovel, are not Shovelers in the capital-letter sense, by which I mean people who both shovel and at least occasionally enjoy it. Even among shoveling enthusiasts, the last week or so of heat wave has been something of a damper, literally. Possibly you are wondering why anyone would be a Shoveler. The truth is, I'm less of one than I used to be, since I've grown older and busier and, um, fatter.

But enough shoveling can actually help with that last part.

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  • In fact, I think it's part of God's grand plan to help me with my weight problem that he's given us so much snow. Sorry about that. He apparently would rather I didn't end up looking like the dude with the flying reindeer. What I like is not so much the shoveling, although it does give a sense of accomplishment once you're finished.

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    I like to get out and play in the snow, like a kid. And yes, I could probably do it even better with more power tools. A couple of Saturdays ago we had that foot to dig out from, and the day for it was just ideal, a perfect January day. I was taking one of my frequent huff-and-puff breaks in the driveway and looked up at the big pine tree in the front yard, the sun glinting through its branches highlighted against that deep blue sky.

    In the deep silence came this hint of breeze that blew a few chunks of snow off from the top branches and sent them fluttering -- right toward my clean driveway.

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    I didn't care. It was one of those peaceful moments you live here for.

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    That -- and laughing at pansified cities that climb into fallout shelters and call in FEMA when two inches of snow hit the ground -- is what makes winter here worthwhile. I should mention, while I'm at it: I think the mayor should look into that FEMA thing the next time we get a big snowfall. It's not like we don't pay to move New York City's snow every other year. That sunny Saturday a couple of weeks ago involved not only the driveway but also cleaning off a deck that had grown waist-deep and shoveling a way to the gas meter.

    We have a snow-loving dog, too. Since she's a Pomeranian about three inches tall, she requires a path be shoveled for her. For doing that, I'd better be her best friend. I should add, before some city councilor gets an idea for his next nutty ordinance, that we do "doo" patrol.

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    Plus, puny Pom poo freezes fast anyway. The next Saturday, last weekend, was even more fun, since we finally got a roof rake. We needed it. I was too, er, busy to actually drag a ladder through the snowbanks along the front of the house.

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    I just cleared the parts I could reach from the ground. That still meant shoveling out the gas meter path, the deck and part of the driveway again. The back of the house was a bigger challenge. Election Day is Nov. See the Hays County Elections Office website for more details. Road Construction in Kyle. Check here for road closures and updates due to construction.

    Businesses are open during roadwork!

    Updated September 20, Given the current high water consumption patterns, we will most likely go to Stage 2 within a few weeks, unless consumption patterns change dramatically. Kyle Year In Review Here's a quick overview of Kyle's Connect with Kyle on Social Media. Get connected to your city!

    Social media users can keep up to date with programs, news and announcements from the City of Kyle through the Twitter and Facebook social media applications. Kyle's partnership in Alliance Regional Water Authority. Know what to flush, toss or dispose of properly; learn about water conservation.

    View All News. How Do I? Upcoming Meetings Parks and Recreation Board. Kyle City Council Meeting.

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