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But if you are an investor, you have a distinct advantage over gamblers. If you play your cards right get it?

Here is the definition of gambling according to Wikipedia :. Typically, the outcome of the wager is evident within a short period. When you gamble, you bet on a one-off event and you have no reasonable expectation of gain.

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Your money is not safe. You only have hope.

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Your potential gain is purely a function of chance. And in most cases, your chances of winning are pretty low. Last, you learn the results of your gamble almost immediately. Investing is nothing like gambling. When you invest you do have an expectation of gain over a long period of time. And if you are realistic, you understand that you have to do your homework in order to have that expectation. There is an element of chance of course. But you can shave down those risks by investing strategically based on a solid investment strategy and good research in assets.

Every January I give a presentation about the economy and the market. My objective is to help people understand what the various economic forces are and how they might play out during the year.

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When the market drops and you have no idea why, it can be frightening and it can lead to emotional reactions. So the first order of business for you is to learn a little about what is happening in the economy and stay up on it. There are plenty of great resources available on the net. There are always positive and negative surprises that are just impossible to anticipate. If you are a buy and hold investor, stay with the program.

If you adjust your portfolio based on market conditions, employ your strategy. Getting into America was once a simple task but now buckle up, and get ready for the most difficult task of your life, getting into America. The goal of the game is to be the first person to enter the US. Each chance card will give you different opportunities, like go to the nearest Airport, advance 3 spaces, collect a Skill or Asset card, or do not do anything this round.

However, this assessment only applies to players who try to enter legally. By going in illegally, you will not need to be assessed based on your skills and assets. Each way has its own benefits and risks, but either way will give you a chance at winning. If you collect a chance card during a turn, you will be forced to do whatever is on that card. Some cards are beneficial but others are detrimental to your status within the game.

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  • Within jail you can either wait and do nothing for three turns, or put 2 of your assets back in the pile and escape the jail. When you escape the jail, you will go to the first space, but you will lose the opportunity to enter the US legally.

    When should you worry about cracks in your walls?

    While receiving a chance card, you may be given the ability to take a skill or asset. You need 2 skills and 1 asset to enter the US legally. You also spend one asset for every time you use a plane, boat, tunnel, or train, even if you use them illegally. These abilities to skip spaces and go forward are either granted by chance cards, or by landing on these tiles.

    When one lands on an Airport, Boat, or Train space or gets a card saying to use these services, they can take it legally or illegally. Remember, you have to be at most 4 spaces away from the tool to use it if a card tells you to. If you are more than 4 spaces away from the utility, then move one forward for that turn instead of using the tool. If one lands on a tunnel or is told to go in a tunnel from a Chance card, it will always be illegal.

    If one lands on these spaces, they do not have to use these, but if told to from a Chance card, they must follow these instructions. However, if you are on the legal path, you do not have to follow the instructions, but if illegal, then you must do it, even if it is detrimental to you. You will also have to lose one asset card for every time you use one of these means of transportation.

    If one chooses or is forced to use an illegal route, they are regarded as a fugitive and cannot enter the US legally for the rest of the game.