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I read this great article recently on Fundera about business statistics in In it, they state that about two-thirds of business survive two years in business, half of all businesses will survive five years, and one-third will survive In contrast, my spinoff software startup lasted five years. The challenges between a product company and a services company were profound. I was again very often the only woman in the room, with a nearly all-male team and usually all-male VC teams to which we were presenting.

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This never bothered me but it was an interesting dynamic. I put myself out there and took a risk, founding another company in my 40s.

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There were a lot of differences from the first time around, not the least of which was that at the time of its founding, I was the breadwinner, now a single Mom supporting my family, and my self funding could only go so far. We had some bad hires. We had a minimum viable product MVP. We had paying customers.

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We had a robust product roadmap. We had the same functional offering as that of a direct competitor founded by men, interestingly enough and we even won some big deals over them.

Which is super frustrating when you see guys with ideas on napkins and only a sketch of a product get venture capital funding. But, I digress. We all know that story. About taking chances.

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I made the difficult decision to stop self funding and close the company after five years. It was sad. I felt I was letting down a great team who believed in me and my ideas. It was embarrassing. I felt my enemies snickering from afar. In the past eight years I have failed.

My first marriage failed. My startup failed.

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I was sued. Some of my friendships failed mostly as a result of those first two! I considered giving up my business career to work at Starbucks. Not kidding.

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But for some it spells anxiety. It's all in how they see themselves. How people view their abilities in the workplace or classroom impacts how they respond to success and failure, new research reveals.

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Individuals who think their abilities are set for life as in "a leopard can't change its spots" experience high anxiety over unexpected accomplishments compared with those who view their capabilities as flexible think "turning over a new leaf". This phenomenon is intuitive among social psychologists but had never been put to a rigorous test.

In one survey, participants answered questions that indicated their type of perspective fixed or malleable , expectations for test performance and emotional state.

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Then participants took three versions of what they thought was an intelligence test. After receiving a stock score 61st percentile on the first exam, participants got schooled on how to improve their performances before taking another similar test. Skip to main content.

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