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Rita, Great idea! Why should we ever wait on sharing our love…words, thoughts, actions?

Usually fear stops us but hey we gotta get over that and Love On! And thanks for sharing with us how brave and bold you are! Cathy Treatment Talk November 6, , pm. My heart goes out to your sister. I wish her the best with the surgery and hope she has a long term positive outcome. Great reminder on your post.

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We do only have today, so it is important to seize the moment. Take care — my thoughts and prayers are with you! Elle November 6, , pm. Many, many blessings to your sister and family Tess. And love truly is the bottom line in our life…thanks for the reminder to wake up and smell the roses. Jo casey November 6, , pm. My love and heart goes out to you and your sister x.

Vidya Sury November 6, , pm. My prayers and love are with you and your family, Tess. My push came when my Grandmother, who I thought would live forever, passed away at 85 back in the year I think I changed overnight.

Simon Hay November 6, , pm. Farnoosh November 7, , am.

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Sending love, prayers and lots of good energy to your sister and to yourself, my dear sweet caring and bold Tess!!! Karen November 7, , am. Your post was heartfelt and just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for sharing your story and your message. Love and light surround you and your sister. Carolyn Hughes November 7, , am. My cat was killed last week by a car so impermanence is at the forefront of my mind. Remembering impermanence can enrich our lives greatly if we use it as an impetus to embrace life in all the ways you have outlined here.

Right now I am working on healing my deepest wounds and unneeding the approval of others! My heart is with you and your sister. KarenYvonne November 7, , pm. Sending tons of love your way! Betsy at Zen Mama November 7, , pm.

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Tess, First of all, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I, too, have several people in my life that also have cancer and I my last post also reflects that. You have written a beautiful post and I hope that the surgery works. Love, Betsy. Mary November 8, , pm. Tess, My love and prayers go to you and yours. I am a very healthy 6 year cancer survivor and know the road is rough but truely enriching. Courage and comfort in the days ahead. Thank you Tess for sharing your wisdom. Life is happening right now. It is always happening in the present moment so change is possible only in the present moment.

If you postpone it then meantime you will remain the same. Suppose you want to quit smoking then you can quit smoking only NOW. If you plan to quit smoking in the future then meantime you will remain a smoker and you will never quit smoking. Great stuff and inspiring blog! Galen Pearl November 12, , pm. Sending prayers your way.

Oh, be swift to love. Make haste to be kind. Susan November 13, , pm. A candle is burning on my altar and lots of prayers are coming your way. Tess, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family at this time. God is stronger than cancer…I know how hard it is to watch and wait.

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Sending lots of love along with the prayers…I am here for you…. Leah Griffith November 17, , am. Tess, thank you for sharing this news about your sister. I will be praying for her. Hugs, Leah. More about Tess. The Bold Life. Sending you and your sister so much love! Much of this darkness comes from Tess, the titular character.

Tess is quirky and filled to the brim with imagination, but she's also psychotic and reckless.

Sister: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Tess's world of delusions is vivid and terrifying, and though her Pixley lets us glimpse into the mind of someone truly insane. Through flashbacks we get to see Tess sink further and further into her imaginary world, and while it's a bit horrifying, it's also fascinating and very absorbing. You can't help but read on, wondering about Tess's ultimate demise.

Another enjoyable thing about Without Tess is the poetry sprinkled throughout. The poetry is truly beautiful, and it's whimsicality really helped portray what kind of child Tess was. The way the poems lead up to a flashback, too, was very well done, and I liked trying to compare Tess's perspective the poems and Lizzie's the narrative. I personally enjoyed Young Lizzie's narration the best-her innocence provides an interesting perspective, and because of her youth, everything is candid; there is no unreliable narrator.

I found Lizzie's current predicament to pale in comparison to her experiences with Tess; perhaps shedding light on why she refuses to forget her sister.