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Except she's not sure she wants that kind of responsibility. Everyone keeps waiting for her to do something amazing - or to fail in a spectacular way.

Frontier Magic #2: Across the Great Barrier

Worse, her twin brother, Lan, a powerful double seventh son, is jealous of all the attention she's been getting. Even as Eff protests that she's just an ordinary girl, she's asked to travel past the Barrier Spell with one of the new professors at her father's school. The land west of the Barrier is full of dangers, both magical and wild. Eff will need to use all her strength - magical and otherwise - to come safely back home.

Eff is an unlucky 13th child Her twin brother, Lan, is a powerful double seventh son. Her life at the edge of the Great Barrier Spell is different from anyone else's that she knows. Frontier Magic 3 books in series.

Thirteenth Child Summary. Book 1. Thirteenth Child By: Patricia C. I think I'm going to have to buy it. Sorcery and Cecilia might still be my favourite book co authored by Patricia Wrede, but Sept reread - Just got around to rereading the third one in this trilogy. Sorcery and Cecilia might still be my favourite book co authored by Patricia Wrede, but as a series? This one is far superior and not just because the second book in the Sorcery series is less than awesome. It just, it really works. And it's all that I've ever wanted in a fantasy series.

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There is no love triangle. There is no, "We are all of a sudden facing overwhelming odds. It is really interesting. I just, I really like the way it all works together.

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And really, I think it all comes down to balance. This is a really well balanced book and series. Everyone gets to be competent. Everyone has their moments of being less than awesome. No one is perfect. And this is a book that treats its women really, really well. I love her reaction when Eff is so shocked that she has been asked to go along on the expedition as an assistant.

The "Really, Miss Rothimer Just different. I also love how early North America is described, and what the differences are in this altered, magical society. It's a really interesting description of magical colonization.

REVIEW: The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede (bk 3, Frontier Magic)

I also love that the university that teaches the three major types of magic is called Triskelion. I just do. This was a really fun book. I liked taking the journey west along with the explorers.

The Far West (Frontier Magic, #3) by Patricia C. Wrede

And I've loved watching Eff grow into her own, and her own unique skill set. Plus, the secondary cast is excellent. Also: "I suspect you have just revolutionized our basic theories of magic, Miss Rothimer," Dr. Lefevre said with a sidelong glance at Adept Alikaket. Lefevre relaxed.

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Not another groundbreaking change to accepted magical theory, then, but an extension and application of the previous one. Would you mind going into more specific detail? I really enjoy Eff. I love how practical she is. I'm beginning to think that is one of my favourite characteristics in a protagonist. And Lastly: "I was hoping you'd come with me," he [William] said in a low voice. I mean, I knew it was coming since midway through book one also, loved that she had no qualms about accepting because the only time William ever got really angry with her was when she did something that she didn't want to do because she was afraid or because it was what other wanted, or she wasn't trying to be herself , but I was still so pleased by this.

I find them unbelievably charming. View 2 comments. Jul 30, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , author-created-their-own-world , feminist , au , magic , trilogies , scifi-fantasy , ya. I finished reading The Far West yesterday. First off this is probably one of my favorite books of the year.

In fact I was late picking up my boyfriend so I could do just that. Some points I would like to touch on. Wrede does I finished reading The Far West yesterday. The explanations of how magic works is very creative. But in my defense the main character Eff got bored here too. LOL 4 The characters are all really well thought out.

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Each one has individuality, spark and a back story which makes them all important. You can tell the author took a lot of time developing her characters. So much thought and effort went into this I can only imagine the story notes, outlines and diagrams the author must have made for these three books to be so cohesive and comprehensive. Steam Dragons, Medusa Lizards, Hexberries, this list just goes on and one and each one more unique than the others. When I was a little girl I played Oregon Trail on the computer and it was my favorite game, this book makes me happy in the same way.

A society against using magic. Wrede for making my day with this brilliant novel. Aug 10, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: library , want-to-own , , It may not be everyone's cuppa tea, because the pacing is at times slow, covering quite a few years. But I like Eff, who is a fascinating heroine as she is a complicated, adventurous woman who tries to balance what she wants with her love of her family.

I also appreciate that Eff is adventurous and can shoot pretty well while mostly being a scientist and looking to explore and catalog the Far West. I really enjoy the world building of this series. It has the feel of settlers in the American wild west, but with some significant differences.

There is magic, and the area beyond the Great Barrier is sparsely settled and still dangerous, with new threats both magical and mundane. The magic in the series also fascinates me, as there are three different types of magic, and each is based on a different way of viewing the world. The book was satisfying, wrapping up many major threads, but I was disappointed to learn that it is the last, as there is a major plot thread that wasn't wrapped up. Hopefully there will be another book in the series. Namely, view spoiler [when Eff and William finally realize that they both like each other, it's the same conversation where they get engaged.

Perhaps it makes sense for the characters, but as a reader it felt very sudden, even though the two of them have been friends for a long time. Also, I wish that Wrede had done more with how Eff is 'revolutionizing our understanding of magic. Feb 01, Lisa rated it liked it. That goes for the whole series - meh. There's good world-building but we're never fully immersed in it; good character voice but I never cared about the main character that much; good secondary characters, but their backstories are never fully developed; etc.