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    Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack - Season 12 Episode 13 - Full Episode

    Steven Jent. Investigators also believe that a man carrying a duffel bag, who was seen by a neighbor around the time of the murders, may have been involved. According to investigators, the neighbor confronted the unknown man, believing he might be a burglar. However, the man with the duffel bag gave the neighbor a quick story that his wife had just kicked him out of the house, which was deemed believable, and he was allowed to leave.

    On June 23, , Edwina's nephew Marvin became concerned about the couple when his phone calls to his aunt went unanswered. Marvin asked police to check in on the couple, who complied. When police responded, they found the house locked, but forced their way in. Food had been left on the table, which somehow led to the officers checking inside the fridge. What they found -- numerous cuts of "washed, unwrapped meat" was neatly stacked on the shelves -- which the officer thought came from a butchered hog, didn't seem all that out of the ordinary.

    But as the officer went to shut the door, he saw the Rogers' heads staring back at him.

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    They had been stashed in the vegetable crisper. That "meat" turned out to be the Rogers' legs and torsos.

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    Investigators said that a claw hammer had been used to beat Fred to death, and both of his eyes had been gouged out. Police determined that Edwina had been shot in the head, and both had been hacked into pieces in the bathroom.

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    The house was eerily devoid of blood, and appeared to have been thoroughly cleaned. Stranger still was that their sex organs had been thrown in the sewer outside of the house, and that other missing body parts were never recovered.

    Unsolved Texas Mysteries

    Also, there was the year-old unemployed hermit son, Charles Frederick Rogers, who apparently lived with his parents in an attic bedroom but whom neighbors didn't recall ever seeing. The only drops of blood in the house led to the son's attic room, and a bloody keyhole gave more of a hint as to what was to come, but when investigators entered, no Charles.

    In fact, he just disappeared, and was declared legally dead in , ten years after the murders. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! There's no telling who Charles actually was, considering he communicated with his parents only by writing notes that were slipped under the door and didn't appear to interact with any other actual human beings ever.

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