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A celebration of audiobooks may become the go-to annual event in Beloit after a second successful iteration in April These students at Fruzen Intermediate School in Beloit, Wisconsin, included a few of who were audiobook listeners and who shared the many reasons why listening is good, and fun:. Not like you. When Jayne played the clip for them, they were stunned. Why might she be angry? Jayne read a bit more from the story and talked about how she develops character, accent, and emotion and then she gave them the opportunity to try reading a passage aloud themselves.

About 10 children wanted to try it and one even attempted an English accent. Two adults and eight children participated in a Readers Theater and six of the children came back to the library especially to work with Jayne. The mother of two of the children had brought them to the library to hear picture book author Lesa Cline-Ransome and illustrator James Ransome talk about their books, but they decided Jayne and audiobooks were the bigger draw.

Covici and Steinbeck became trusted friends; when Covici became a member of Viking Press, Steinbeck went, too. In this well-argued, relevant, superbly written book, authors John F. Kamwendo and John E. Kamwendo holds a doctorate in Practical Theology and Missiology Th. He was raised in a grass hut with an earth floor in the poor socioeconomic African rural area of Lindi, Tanzania. He is currently associate pastor of St.

Michael and St. A major nutball, but the music is good stuff.

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In this transformative debut novel, E. In the aftermath, she struggles with the idea of leaving her husband and their loveless marriage to be with the woman she loves. Here, the smart and gifted Tracy strives to retain her emotional footing above fractured family ground. Missing Mr. Christopher Clark writes fiction about fractured families, lust gone wrong, and memories as time machines. He is also the author of three collections of short fiction published independently.

May 14, The final original episode of Seinfeld airs. Remember what a big deal this was? Seems silly now. The Eisner Award nominations have been posted by Comic-Con, ready for comics professionals to vote. His books have been placed on numerous state reading lists. Sciendo provides specialized custom publishing services and solutions for third parties, especially academic and research institutions, societies, university presses, conference organizers and individual authors.

In addition to services for journals and books — including open access — other allied services, such as self-publishing for individual authors or complete service packages for conference organizers, are offered as well. May 7, Henry Holt U. A remarkable little book. Like Hemingway, he drove an ambulance in World War I Archie was an artillery officer, as well and expatriated to Paris where the two became friends.

His mother was a college professor and president—an impressive feat now, in the 19th century it was miraculous! In the 21st century, American libraries have been struggling with, arguing against, and talking about who uses their collections now. This extends further into proprietary online collections now as consumer-facing businesses like Audible seek individual customers over community library -based ones. Why insist on personal ownership of a title the library can lend you over and over at the cost of the taxes the borrower already pays or is exempt from paying?

After thirty-seven years in the broadcasting industry, most years spent in Washington, Glenn Dyer moved back to Park City, Utah where he writes full time. As the war escalates, Erin finds herself hunted, torn between friends, and threatened by forces young, old, and divine. A tale Twenty-two-year-old Erin Rose wakes up one morning with no memory of her past. Determined to unravel the mystery of her true identity, she contacts the Spectavi vampires, who drink synthetic blood.

The Dark Elves and their savage black dragons have been defeated. Emotes wield the only magic left in the world, the ability to heal those they care for.

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Gold dragons ensure that the peace that has lasted for hundreds of years continues to endure. A youthful princess regards the tranquil age a boring one offering no chance of valor, so Categories: All Fantasy. Join our thousands of happy subscribers. It's free! BookGorilla sends you a single daily email alert with the best deals on books that match your reading preferences, including bestsellers and freebies! Learn More. Perlow Reason or passion, good or evil, duty, love, or pure pleasure--in a world with two vampire factions at war, choosing the right master is everything.

There is no visible sign the ground has ever been disturbed unless you know to look. The next good rain will wash away even those faint traces. Picking up the shovel, William moves off through the woods, eventually arriving at a farmyard. In one direction across the farmyard is an old barn that has not been used to house animals for decades. Straw still litters the floor in places around the edges and in old stalls.

The rest is swept clean. The moonlight coming in through the cracks between boards and in the windows glints dully off the rounded metal frames of old tractors huddled in the darkened interior. Like the farm itself, the tractors were passed down to him from his father. The old barn is feeling its age and will probably need to be rebuilt in another ten years.

Close to him near the edge of the trees is a shed used for storage for anything small enough to pile on its shelves and in corners.

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Centered between them across the yard is a small old farmhouse. It is the kind of farmhouse built before building codes, when a handshake was enough to suffice and a farmer built his own house with a hammer and nails and his own sweat. The house is small but well built with two small bedrooms and a mud-floored cellar for cold storage and the only access to the cellar a trap door with a ladder that goes straight down.

The walls are made of flat boards grouted between them to seal the cracks.

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The house was built by an earlier generation of McAllisters when they first settled here and the farm handed down in the family. The livestock on the farm consists of a small flock of free roaming chickens that provide them with fresh eggs, a single aging nanny goat they use for milk, and a small herd of feral cattle that live mostly unbothered in the field.

Book Trailer: BLOOD BOOKS Trilogy by Danielle Rose

An old barn without doors beyond the trees surrounding the farmyard provides the cattle shelter when they need it. William walks across the yard and puts the shovel in the barn, hanging it on the wall, then heads for the farmhouse. The light shining on a pole in the farmyard reveals the lines at the corners of his eyes; lines drawn by hours spent working outside under the burning sun and against the ravages of the wind and weather.

He looks forty, although he is younger. Marjory greets him at the door, wringing her hands and looking anxious. After supper and the kids are sent to bed, William and Marjory sit in their chairs in the small living room. Finally, William puts the paper down and looks at Marjory, watching her for a moment before speaking.

Her hands freeze and Marjory stares down at her knitting without seeing it. Her first reaction is disbelief. She tries to tell herself she heard wrong.

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His silence as he stares at her, weighing her reaction, waiting for what her reaction will be, makes it undeniable. Marjory swallows. Her throat feels suddenly strained, like the muscles are stretched like taught elastics, pained. Her body is stiff like sun-hardened mud that might crack if she tries to move.

Choosing a Master

He knew how she will respond to his announcement. The boy needs more direction and responsibility to keep him out of trouble. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, she thinks, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I could have taken the children and run away with them when they were younger, to keep them out of his business, but who would look after the three of us? How would I support them? With my little education and being a woman with children and no family, I would be utterly and completely on my own and no one would hire me.

I would have to go into hiding with the kids with no support from anyone anywhere. It is not William she is afraid of following her if she left him.